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Brendan Cooley

300 Fisher Hall
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544
[email protected]

Research Interests

Political Economy of Conflict | International Trade | Military Coercion | Game Theory | Structural Estimation


Professional Experience

  • Research Assistant, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, Washington, DC
    July 2014 - July 2015

Working Papers

Works in Progress

  • Prohibition, Theft, and Violence: Monopolistic Pricing and Exchange in Illicit Markets (with Colin Krainin and Kristopher Ramsay)

Policy Papers


  • EITM: 2018
  • MPSA: 2018


  • Introduction to Mathematics for Political Science, Summer 2018
    • Princeton University, introductory mathematics course for incoming Politics Ph.D. students
    • Course Page
  • POL 240: / WWS 312: International Relations, Spring 2018 (Preceptor)
    • Princeton University, Professor: Andrew Moravcsik
  • POL 387: International Intervention and the Use of Force, Fall 2017 (Preceptor)
    • Princeton University, Professor: Melissa Lee
  • ENG 102: Introduction to Literary Analysis, Spring 2016
    • Princeton Prison Teaching Initiative (PTI), Garden State Youth Correctional Facility
  • International Relations Theory and the Rise of China, Spring 2014

Research Assistance

  • Kristopher Ramsay, 2017
  • Melissa Lee, 2017
  • “Endowment Effect or Institutions: An Experimental Test of the Differential Accountability Hypothesis,” June 2016
    Accra, Ghana
    Principal Investigators: Brandon de la Cuesta, Helen Milner, Dan Nielson, Lucy Martin


Python, R